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ISD-Immunotech is developing a first-in-class therapy to treat the most severe Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)  patients. The therapy works by dampening the action of an intracellular protein called STimulator of INterferon Genes (STING). STING is part of the innate immune system, the body’s first line of defense against pathogen invaders like bacteria and viruses. When activated, STING ramps up production of inflammatory proteins called interferons and cytokines. STING overactivity has recently been linked to severe SLE. SLE is an autoimmune disease that can affect any organ of the body including the skin, joints, heart, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and others. As immune cells attack the body, inflammation, scarring, and permanent damage ensue, leading to worsened function and sometimes even organ failure and death.

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Today there is no drug that can significantly alter the disease for severe SLE patients.  ISD has shown that our lead prevents the development of SLE in a mouse model of SLE and reduces the interferon signature in a benchtop test of human patient blood samples.  ISD-Immunotech's approach is unique in targeting STING, a new molecular target for SLE, eliciting dampening of multiple events implicated in SLE including IFN-1 levels, other cytokines and apoptosis for broader efficacy. Furthermore, ISD seeks to reduce the complexity of SLE clinical development by using a benchtop test to pre-select severe patients who respond the therapy instead of targeting the heterogenous SLE population. 

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Board of Directors

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Ingelise Saunders Chairman of the Board

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Lars Jørgen Østergaard 

Founder and Board Member 

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Jeroen Bakker 

Board Member

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Hans Van Eenennaam
Board Member

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Stephan Christgau
Board Member

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The Team

Executive Management

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Ingelise Saunders

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Kristian Hansen


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Claus Hansen


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    Scientific Advisory Board


    Prof. Søren Riis Paludan

    SAB Chairman

    Professor in Molecular Virology and immunology, 

    Dept. Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Denmark

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    Dr. Prapaporn Pisitkun



    Associate Professor at Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi 

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    Prof. Betty Diamond

    Professor & Head, Center for Autoimmune, Musculoskeletal & Hematopoietic Diseases 

    The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

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    Dr. Harsukh Parmar, MD

    Former Executive level leadership positions at Pfizer, Roche, AstraZeneca & Merck Kga and expert in autoimmune disease.

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    Scientific Papers 

    Articles by Betty Diamond

    Articles by Søren Riis Paludan


    About iSD Immunotech

    iSD Immunotech is a spin-out of Aarhus University, Denmark and is dedicated to developing the first efficacious treatment - a targeted molecular therapy for the most severe SLE patients.


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